2 07 2013

It’s officially summertime and the heat is on…at least here in Phoenix.  This is the time we slow down to enjoy our family and friends and do all the fun things we promised ourselves during the year.   So, how’s it going?  Have you taken time to do that “something” or go to that “somewhere”  you promised yourself and your family?  Have you slowed down to spend time together with your family?

I think as parents we sometimes think together means running the roads; overpriced summer attractions; bigger, better, brighter.  Those things are wonderful but they aren’t the only way to find quality time with your kids.

Listening to each other, learning something new, explaining, asking your child’s opinion….voices aren’t raised, tempers aren’t flared.  Just enjoying being together.  


As I’ve learned from my son and daughter, the memories that stick in their heads aren’t always the ones with the most $$$ signs.  Memories that stick are rooted in together.  As I write this blog, my adult children are at opposite ends of the country. One is in New York and the other in San Francisco.  They’ll both be home in a few days with stories and pictures of their summer adventures and I will eagerly listen and love that we are together.

Side by side.

Give and take.

Patience and time.

Just together.

So maybe for you, together is cleaning out a closet, helping with dinner or pulling all the blankets out and building a fort in the living room. Whatever it looks like at your house, cherish it!  You have a lot of summertime, together-hungry hours ready for you to fill!











Thank you Lord for together!