March Madness!!

26 03 2013

It’s been a busy month for Kids ROCK ministry!

Teacher training for our volunteers focused on evangelizing children and how to use everyday objects to help teach Bible truths.  Our talented team developed some great lessons for each other and our parents.


Our Pebbles and Nuggets students are an energetic and curious group.  In our study of Acts, children are learning Bible truths through coloring pages, object lessons, clear instruction and reading the Word.


Thanks to John Rowlee, Harley Lang, and Jerry Everett for serving as our lead teachers for our Nuggets (K-2nd grade)

















This month’s post wouldn’t be complete without a peek at our nursery.  Our babies are growing so quickly and our play and learn time gives new definition to “March Madness”  :).  They have just completed their “study” on “God Made Me” and are now singing and learning about creation.  Our babies love to hear the teachers sing!


This month, I close with words from John MacArthur’s article on Evangelizing Children:

For many believers, fulfilling Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations begins at home—with their children. In fact, few experiences bring greater joy to Christian parents than seeing their children come to faith in Christ. 

If you’re still left wondering, “How do I present the gospel to my child?”.   Please feel free to contact us through this blog or email at: and we’ll be happy to send you more information.  Even better…plan to visit our church this Sunday and learn more about what the Bible teaches about the Good News of Jesus Christ!