3 11 2013

Happy November!!

The holidays are quickly approaching and we have much to give thanks for AND to be encouraged by in our KIDS R.O.C.K. Children’s Ministry at The Church at South Mountain. During the month of September, our children were introduced to five “Heroes of the Faith” ( Augustine, Eric Liddell, John Bunyan, Amy Carmichael and William Booth) and then challenged in October to write an essay about the hero who most influenced their lives.

Congratulations to Celeste Stowers, daughter of Timothy and Ellanda Stowers. Celeste is 9 years old and chose to write about Amy Carmichael as her “Hero of the Faith”.    We are proud of Celeste and thankful for the guidance and support of her parents with this project.












Celeste and Associate Pastor Rich Wells

Click on each page below for a larger view of her thoughtful essay on the influence of Amy Carmichael in her life.

Celeste Essay pg. 1 Celeste Essay pg. 2




2 responses

3 11 2013
Kathy Soto

Great job Celeste. Your writing style is very organized and clear.
The Sotos

5 02 2015

This was such an encouragement to us all, Celeste, and we are so amazed at your earnest desire to follow the Lord. What a tender young lady after God’s own heart! Be strong and courageous and know that God is faithful! We love you and your family so much!
The Saller family

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